“Using ClearSlide Analytics, AEs have insight into whether buyers are looking at the content being shared, and for how long.”

Joseph Dressler Senior Vice President

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  • Technical challenges hosting instant online meetings
  • Inability to manage sales and marketing content effectively
  • Time wasted chasing the wrong leads


  • Instant online meetings to connect with prospects faster
  • Analytics to track how and when prospects interact with content
  • Granular organization of sales content


  • Sales cycle reduced by 22%
  • Improved closed ratio

Before ClearSlide, what challenges did you face with prospecting and account management?

Dressler: Sending content to customers and prospects wasn’t always easy. Sometimes when we tried to send a slide deck, email service providers would block delivery because the file was too large.

We were also losing valuable time when conducting remote sales meetings. Most solutions for online meetings require that you download an app or do something to your browser to access the service. We found this process often delayed meetings by five or 10 minutes. It may not sound like much, but when you have a 30-minute sales meeting, that’s a significant portion of time lost to a technology hiccup.

Ekblad: When I send out my ClearSlide dial-in and personalized link for an online meeting, I know that it’s going to work for me and the customer — every time. ClearSlide provides reliability, plain and simple.

How is ClearSlide helping LiveIntent to better manage its sales and marketing content?

Basil: As the company grew, we were generating more and more content. But we weren’t always able to ensure our sales team had the most up-to-date collateral with a consistent look and feel. We now leverage ClearSlide as a content management system. As soon as our team has a new piece of content, we upload it to ClearSlide and organize it at a granular level with tags. This helps tremendously when we are searching for content.

What impact has ClearSlide had on understanding content effectiveness?

Basil: We can now see which pieces of content — whether it’s a case study or a slide deck — have been sent most often by our teams and have the highest open rates with clients. This provides invaluable insight into the key challenges and concerns of our clients as well as the effectiveness of our marketing materials. We now know what resonates with customers in the sales cycle and our marketing team can focus on building and scaling those messages.

Dressler: Our marketing team really appreciates using ClearSlide because they know that the right messaging and materials are being used at all times. They also know that as they update and refresh content, the sales team has immediate access to the latest and most relevant and content.

How has ClearSlide helped to improve your sales team’s productivity?

Ekblad: ClearSlide engagement tracking enables our sales team to spend a lot less time chasing after people who aren’t engaged or interested in what we’re doing. Now, we’re spending more time talking to people who want to spend money with us. ClearSlide has definitely eliminated a lot of inefficiencies for our team — including ones we didn’t even know we had.

Dressler: Since implementing ClearSlide, our AEs are able to find and share content with clients and prospects in real time. Using ClearSlide Analytics, AEs have insight into whether buyers are looking at the content being shared, and for how long. And with View Alerts, they can follow up with a prospect right at the moment when a prospect is actively engaging with the content. It’s like playing poker, but being able to see all the cards.

What affect has using ClearSlide had on your sales cycle?

Dressler: ClearSlide has helped us reduce our sales cycle by 22 percent. Before ClearSlide, our sales team was averaging between 42 and 45 days to close a deal. Now, we’re closer to 35 or 36 days.

We’ve also improved our close ratio with ClearSlide. Traditionally, we had been in the upper 20s, and now we’re hovering in the mid-30s. Our sales team couldn’t have achieved these results without the insights and analytics we gained from using ClearSlide.

And what about your team? How are you using ClearSlide to help them achieve better performance?

Dressler: We do a lot of coaching after sales meetings, when the content is still fresh in everyone’s minds. ClearSlide lets us explore different aspects of what transpired during a meeting. For example, we can look at how engaged the client was during the presentation using a page-by-page scenario. We can also record the session and review how the client responded to certain messages so that sales reps can make adjustments for future interactions.

In addition, we use ClearSlide analytics to review sales reps’ performance from a revenue perspective. Through that process, we’ve found there is a complete correlation between ClearSlide usage and revenue success. Sales reps who use ClearSlide hit their numbers more consistently.


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